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Day tour starting from Targu Mures

  • Saxon fortified church of Biertan
  • Sighisoara medieval citadel
  • Saxon fortified church of Viscri
  • Rupea fortress
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Day tour starting from Targu Mures

  • Turda salt mine
  • Alba (Carolina) Iulia fortress                                                                                       .
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On our day tour called “Before Romania”, you will have the opportunity to witness the history of Turda salt mine, one of the most important mines in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Salt has been used since antiquity for preserving food, spicing it, as a leaven and cleaning solution, and for treating various diseases by immersing it in salt water. Let’s be honest, it was never more valuable than gold but it was valuable through its properties and the difficulty with which it was obtained. In ancient times they used about 50 kg of salt per person, per year. Afterwards in your day tour you’ll get the chance to visit Alba Iulia fortress. The genesis of Alba Iulia goes back to 5000 b.c. It was one of the most flourishing cities in ancient Dacia, and after the Romans conquered it they brought new technology with them. Thus, the archaeological finds at Apulum (Alba Iulia) have revealed that there have been numerous monumental, public and private buildings, craftsmen associations, luxury merchants’ houses equiped with hypocaustum (undergorund heating floor) adorned with polychrome mosaics,  public baths with pools, bathtubs, meeting rooms, a gymnasium and a library. Also they had large aqueducts to bring drinking water from far away.

On the “Footsteps of Saxons” day tour we will first visit the fortified church of Biertan. There is a very interesting detail of an atypical drawing in a church, often overlooked by tourists that visit Biertan. At the top of the vault is Joker that seems to support the burden of the ceiling. It is not known who painted it and why, but people say that it could be a representation of evil or a revenge of craftsmen who worked at the church of Biertan and where dissatisfied with the final payment. Nevertheless, the Saxon fortified church of Biertan, Transylvania, is a UNESCO world heritage. Also the village was one of the first settlements of Saxons in Transylvania.  From here you’ll be visiting the citadel of Sighisoara, home of Vlad Dracul, the father of Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula) and supposedly his birthplace. Next in your day tour we will be cruising towards Rupea fortress, the place where Decebal the last Dacian king took his life, not to be caught by Romans. Dacians and Romans are the ancestors of today’s Romania, and Dacia has reached greatness under the command of Decebal. The fortress is also connected to the last prince of Bathory, who was a cousin of countess Bathory Elizabeth (the blood countess). Towards the end of your day tour in Transylvania we’ll be visiting the village & Saxon fortified church of Viscri, another UNESCO world heritage. Prince Charles owns a house in this village and it’s his favorite place in Romania.