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The idea of ​​organizing  day tours in Transylvania came from the desire to create a new image of Romania.

I travelled a lot and lived in multicultural countries for a while and this experience helped me better understand the image Romania has abroad, and that peoples opinions on it are quite split.

When I was away from Transylvania, I realized how attracted I am to the places where I was born and how I missed my homeland’s values ​​and beauties.

I want to clear Romania of the preconceptions that only thieves live here and show the world its true treasures.

We have a beautiful and diversified country, but from many conversations that I had with other people both local and foreign i realized how little they actually know about Romania and Transylvania specifically. I therefore wish to make Romania known both to visitors from abroad and to the locals.

Also, I’ve learned how important honesty and customer service is and I want us to be a business model and leave a positive mark on Romania. When I look back years from now, I want to have build a lasting company that has it’s foundation based on respect, trust and honesty. 

For now, through the day tours, we chose to promote only a small area of Romania. We started with Transylvania because I was born here and it’s my back yard, but we have the belief that we will soon be able to expand to all the corners of the country.

Thank’s for your trust, I look forward meeting you,
Calin Florea.

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