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How to get around Targu Mures?

TGM tour app. Best way to get around Targu Mures. TGM tour, a wonderful app to guide you around the beautiful city of Targu Mures, one of Transylvania's best kept secrets. It's an official app, no ads, no nonsense, and it's available on both IOS and Android. Get the most out of your visit to Tîrgu Mureș. Use the audio guides to learn intriguing facts about the city and the people that influenced its look and history. Targu Mures is one of Transylvania’s best kept secrets. Its rich multicultural history, its beautiful landmarks and its religious legacy are the three ingredients of the recipe for a great stay here. Discover the city of Targu Mures with thematic tours All the trails in the app revolve around a main theme. If you want to know as much as possible about Targu Muress, go for the tour of all the city’s landmarks. In case you are interested in Baroque or Secession architecture, you can try the Baroque or the Secession tours of the town. If you want to find out facts about the diverse religious background of Targu Mures in past centuries, you should opt for the Tour of Religious Landmarks. And [...]

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Top 40+ things to do in Targu Mures

Acording to Lonely Planet: "Targu Mures is Transylvania’s most underrated town", and I couldn't agree more. Here's more than 40 things you can do in Targu Mures, reasons enough for you to set base in Targu Mures when you visit Transylvania, Romania's most visited historical region. 1, “Weekend” Recreation Complex in Targu Mures The “Weekend” Recreation and Sport Complex was first put into use at the end of the 19th century. Weekend Recreation Complex was originally developed by building an artificial rowing pool around a dead section of the Mures river. In time the complex developed by building more and more pools and fun areas. Due to different sizes and depths, pools are suitable for both swimmers and amateurs. In the Weekend Complex from Targu Mures  you will find several pools: Olympic covered pool, 1.90 m deep Swimming pool, 1.80 m deep 1,20 m deep pond with slides 2 pools with slides, for children under 14 years of age Children pool with a depth of between 0.35 - 0.70 m Baby’s pool for under 3 years old In the Weekend Complex Targu Mures you will also find children playgrounds, tennis, football, basketball and beach volley courts, ping pong tables [...]

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Saxons in Transylvania? But how?

A bit of early Romanian history More than 2,000 years ago Dacians lived on these lands, then the Romans came and the Romanized Dacians are the ancestors of today's Romanians. After the Romanians left, the migrating peoples, the Huns, the Goths, the Gepidae, the Avars, but they were not able to retain the power and this fact allowed the Hungarians to extend eastwards from today's Hungarian territory and to occupy Transylvania in the 10th century. Why did Saxons come to Romania? The Hungarian population with the help of the Szekely ( a people that speak Hungarian, but whose origin is still questioned). was not large enough to entirely occupy this new territory, so around 1150 King Geza II of Hungary invited merchants, craftsmen and German farmers to settle in the south of Transylvania, giving them land and certain privileges to attract them. The German colonists came from the Rhine area, Flanders, Belgium and Luxembourg and became known as Saxons. In exchange for the privileges they have been granted (such as the possibility of self-government, commercial activities, and some tax exemptions), the Saxons had to defend the southeastern border of Transylvania and make available a certain number of soldiers to the [...]

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Who was Dracula?

Was Dracula real? The story of Vlad Tepes (Impaler) or Dracula as known by many, is a story that combines historical data and fairytales. Believed to be Born somewhere between the years 1428 and 1431 in the small town of Sighisoara ( about 1 hour from Targu Mures). The fortress he was born in can be visited now days, it's a UNESCO world heritage site and also the only inhabited medieval citadel in Europe. Vlad was 3 times prince of the historic region Wallachia, in now days Romania. Prior to becoming prince of Wallachia he and his brother were held captive in the Ottoman empire to secure his father’s loyalty. His father Vlad Dracul who was allies with both the Turks and king Sigismund of Luxemburg was removed from the throne and killed by nobleman in the year 1447, Which led to Vlad Tepes’ claim of the throne through the help of the Turks which ultimately led to the war against the people who killed his father, which led to their cruel death punishment via Impaling, a torture method learned by Vlad from the Ottoman empire. He then soon got to be very famous for his methods of bringing [...]

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