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You might have some questions in relation to our day trips in Transylvania, so here are some answers. If you have any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to give us a shout.

Do I have to print my ticket for the day trips?

There is no need to print the ticket.

Where will my day trip start from?

All of our day trips start from nr. 40, Gheorghe Doja street, Targu Mures, Romania

Are the day trips recommended for disabled people?

Unfortunately, certain attractions are harder to access and are not recommended for people with locomotor disabilities.

Do children benefit from a discount on the day trips?

Yes, children benefit from a 50% discount.

Are meals included in the ticket price?

No, food is not included because the preferences differ and we consider that we can not satisfy all customers with one place.

How can i book a day trip online?

For reservations please click here.

Do you have other tours in addition to those presented on the web site?

Upon request we can organize private tours. For this, please write an email to us at  or call at 0040768128838 . In addition click here for our contact page. 

How can I cancel a day trip booking? What is the cancellation policy?

For a cancellation please contact us at least 24h prior to the start of the tour at 0040768128838 For our cancelation policy please click here.

How long are the sightseeing stops?

Depending on the touristic attraction size, stops are between 30-120 minutes.

What is included in the price?

The day trip price includes transportation, parking, road taxes and entrance fees.

How do I pay for the day trip?

Day trips are paid in cash on the tour day

Are there any safety concerns in Targu Mures and Romania in general?

Romania is a fairly safe country, but there are isolated cases. I recommend you to be discrete, do not carry or expose large amounts of money in public and keep things of value close to your person. I also recommend that you make copies of your passport to be kept at the hotel. In the event you lose your passport, getting a new one from the embassy is easier.

What is the emergency number in Romania?

112 is a freely available number from all networks.

Can i drink tap water?

In most cases tap water is drinkable, unless the opposite is mentioned.

What is the currency in Romania?

In Romania the currency is called LEI (RON)

Can I use my credit/debit card in Romania?

Yes, you can use your credit card at larger merchants. I also recommend you have cash for places that do not accept payment by card

What is the tipping policy in Romania?

If you are satisfied with the services you get, 10% is recommended.

What taxi service can I use while I am in Romania?

I recommend that you install the “Clever Taxi” application on your phone, this way the driver can pick you up from your location without you having to know where you are or having to make any phone calls.

Does my cell phone work in Romania?

GSM phones from other European countries work smoothly, but those in North America may not work. If you own a simcard phone, I recommend you buy a simcard from Orange, Vodafone or Telekom, they are very advantageous and the internet on the phone is a real help in getting around.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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